Our Team

  • Priscilla Priscilla

  • Jaclyn Odell

    Real Estate Agent

  • Ivette Marcial-Vega

    Real Estate Agent, GRI®, Realtor®

  • Alexandra Cordero Suria

    Real Estate Agent

  • Lourdes R. Gómez, ESQ.

    Real Estate Broker

  • Maria Elena Garcia

    Real Estate Agent

  • Erika Acosta

  • Zuly Vazquez

  • Ricky Marti

  • Francisco "Paco" Diaz Fournier

    Real Estate Broker

    Better known as “Paco” by friends and clients, Francisco Diaz-Fournier is a professional with a big-picture focus who develops and executes strategies to succeed in a constantly changing and highly competitive real estate market environment.

    His core values are driven by a desire to identify the “happiness factor” of his clients and operate with the highest standards of integrity. He devoted 14 years of his professional career at Merck & Co. where he held the position of Senior Marketing Director for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region before making an industry leap to real estate in 2001.

    Whether buying or selling a home in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami or Puerto Rico, real estate acquisition and trade are intricate and sensitive processes. Paco has worked every aspect of the real estate industry in both the residential and commercial markets. He has been instrumental assisting numerous clients already relocated or considering moving to Puerto Rico under the 20/22 Acts and other tax incentive programs.

    His business is built on dedication, market knowledge and expertise, open communication, firm determination and trust while embodying the ability to accommodate and adjust to all of his client’s needs and preferences.

    Paco holds a B.S. from the University of Puerto Rico and completed a Sales/Marketing Executive Program at Wharton School of Business and Accounting/Financial Executive Program at Columbia University Business School.

  • Alejandro "Alex" Herrera

    Real Estate Broker

    Better known as “Alex” by friends and clients, Alejandro Herrera is a professional creative visionary. He specialized in marketing and content production for luxury real estate, commercial development and resorts in Puerto Rico and U.S.A.

    For the last 20 years Alex Herrera has been involved in many projects with successful results. Also, specialized in launching and re-launching real estate developments with new strategies, identity, creative campaigns, collateral material, and strong visual content.

    He has been with new projects since day one until the last unit is sold. In other cases, he has taken over existing projects re-positioning them and finishing sales with great results.

    Besides a Real Estate broker in Puerto Rico and founding Partner of Luxury Collection. Alex is a lead-designer which is often used to achieve a property full potential. Alex is a commercial Helicopter and Airplane Pilot since 1997. Usually, he flies clients for aerial site inspections or to visit a property.

    Alex is a professional architectural photographer with 20 years of international experience. All the photography in Luxury Collection marketing campaigns is produced by Alex.