These two buildings located at #152 and #154 Del Cristo Street are considered among the most exceptional properties in Old San Juan located next to the Governor’s House and other relevant historical sites.

The building at #152 used to be “Casa Cabildo” one of the oldest properties in Old San Juan. El Cabildo is the name of the building which now encompasses a structure at the corner of Del Cristo and Caleta De Las Monjas Streets. The building’s name carried the name of the autonomous municipal council. The Town Council of San Juan was originally established provisionally at the Village of Caparra, the first Spanish Settlement in Puerto Rico, back in 1509. From its original site, the government relocated to the island of San Juan, and at its present site, El Cabildo became one of the first structures in the future capital of the island. Built in 1523, it was originally a one-story building; a second floor was added in the 1600’s.

The structure of the building and its basement (town’s first jail) is an imitation of the Castilian “ayuntamiento”, the name it was at first briefly called, this was the only institution in which creoles could participate. It was presided over by the administrator of a provincial division, who wielded considerable legislative and judicial powers, imposed taxes and supervised trade and public facilities such as hospitals and jails.

In the early 1960’s, after decades of languishing in despair, Don José Alegría rescued the property, which became an example for its reconstruction and remodeling. His work won the outstanding design property and award of the Architects Association of Puerto Rico.

#152 del Cristo-Corner of La Caleta De San Juan

  • Gross Living Area: 12,605 square feet
  • Lot size: 473 square meters

Commercial site improved with a two story and roof structure with basement, brick masonry and reinforced concrete, commercial and residential building. Total area of the building is approximately 12,605 square feet.

  • Basement with 3,722 square feet
  • The street level facing Del Cristo Street has an area of 4,585 square feet
  • The second floor has an area of 4,048 square feet
  • Rooftop with 250 square feet
  • Terraces have a combined area of 704 square feet

#154 Del Cristo Street

  • Gross Living Area: 8,962 square feet
  • Lot Size: 317 square meters

Commercial and residential two-story building. Total area of the building is approximately 8,962 square feet.

  • The first floor has a total area of 5,128 square feet including 1,417 square feet open patio at the rear West boundary
  • The second floor has an area of 3,210 square feet
  • The rooftop has an enclosed area of 624 square feet

These properties are conveniently located just walking distance to some of the most important historical sites in Old San Juan such as San Felipe del Morro Fort (built in the 16th Century), “Cuartel de Ballajá” (built in 1854 by the Spanish army that evolved with the passage of time to a cultural center where you can find The School of Visual Arts), Ballajá Underground Parking Lot, the Cathedral of San Juan (the first Catholic cathedral church on the Western Hemisphere), El Convento Hotel (originally inaugurated in 1651 as a Carmelite Nuns Convent, opened as El Convento Hotel in 1962).

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