Majestic two-story corner house, designed by one of PR’s most renowned firms. Features include: 84 solar panels from California Solar World, solar water heater, and a 40Kw generator. Spacious 2,000 sq ft, garage accommodates: 10 cars, 3 rolling doors at both ends and bar area, closets for water heater, distiller, large ice maker, laundry room closet, small tool storage closet in the patio, air pressure compressor (for car tire inflation), tool room/workshop, power generator room with insulation, big terrace with bar area and BBQ and pool connected to the potable water system for emergencies. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Listing Agent:Carmen Rodriguez Veras

Offered By:Cr Realty

Date Added: 1/16/24 at 6:00 am
Last Update: 1/18/24 at 11:56 am