Prime location! This property comprises one lot with two two-level buildings on Calle Santa Cecilia, near the intersection with McLeary. Nestled between the lively Loiza Street and Ocean Park Beach, it offers a central hub for day and night activities while being situated on a quieter side street. Presently operating as a lucrative hostel, the property boasts 16 twin beds and 3 full beds, accommodating up to 27 individuals. Common areas, both shared and private kitchens, dining spaces, a front desk, wooden terrace, bar area, additional bath, and laundry zone are part of the features. With the existing liquor license and necessary permits, there’s potential to expand the business into a hotel. Hotel permits are in place, offering 10 rooms and 9.5 bedrooms.

Listing Agent:Javi Rodriguez


Date Added: 1/20/24 at 6:00 am
Last Update: 1/22/24 at 11:58 am